28 Great Options to Think About for Free Online Work

The allure of making free money online is hard to resist. With the internet so readily available, it’s easier than ever to get started.

This story will dissect 28 different ways to do it. Some are well-known, others less so. All are legitimate methods to earn a quick buck.

An affiliate program is a marketing arrangement in which an online retailer pays you a commission for each sale you generate.

Join an Affiliate Program


YouTube creators make videos and post them on their channels. They can then monetize their videos with ads or through sponsorships.

YouTube Creator


To participate in focus groups, you’ll need to sign up with a market research company. You should also be comfortable giving your opinion on various topics.

Participate in Focus Groups


An online travel agent helps people plan and book their travel arrangements. Work can include booking flights, hotels, rental cars, and more.

Online Travel Agent


You’ll need to sign up with a stock photo agency to sell stock photos. You should also be familiar with the different types of images in demand.

Sell Stock Photos