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12 Unknown Travel Jobs on Every Continent That Pay Well

The definition of the perfect travel job doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. It ultimately comes down to your preferences and skills. Having a flexible schedule can be a plus.

No matter your preferences for travel jobs, this list should give you some ideas to jump-start your search.

As a travel nurse, you sign-up for temporary nursing jobs in high-need areas. Travel nurses tend to be compensated very well and often get company-paid housing.


Travel Nurse

Travel Agent


Travel agents organize hotels, transportation, and trip itineraries full of activities.  Many destinations offer free trips to travel agents in order to help promote the location.

Flight Attendant


The profession has a median income of $80,000 and tons of travel perks like free hotels and discounted flights. A career as a flight attendant can be a great way to travel in style.

Cruise Ship Worker

Get paid to sail to exotic locales as a worker on a cruise ship. Many different positions are available, such as servers, housekeeping, tour guides, and more.


Travel Photographer

As a travel photographer, you could sell images of your adventures to stock photo sites or to clients directly.


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