Why Large Companies are Great For Young Professionals

 The many advantages of working for a large company have allowed me to grow professionally, increase pay, and develop a strong network.

Organizations realize that millennials, who now make up most of the workforce, like to work differently from previous generations.

A few of the skills I have developed over the past 12 years include: - Public Speaking - Relationship Building - Negotiation - Leading a Team

Growth and Development Opportunities

When you have an opportunity to work in an organization with more experienced professionals, you may find yourself in a better position to learn these skills from others.

Opportunity to Begin Investing in Retirement Early

If you invest a few thousand dollars into a 401(k) for a few years early in your career, you’ll set yourself up with a strong foundation.

Having this strong foundation may allow you to take additional professional risks while your retirement savings are compounding.

Ability to Change Jobs and Gain Different Experiences

changing jobs within an organization allows you to maintain existing relationships and retain the knowledge of your company’s culture.

If you have a positive reputation at an organization, you and your colleagues may find yourselves in other roles.

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