Why My Voicemail Gets Updated Every Week Even Though Nobody Calls

The real question is why would a person willingly spend their time listening to someone uncomfortably babble on about something that could have just as easily been communicated via text message?

There’s email, instant messaging, video calls, random pop-ins, or any other number of communication options. I wonder sometimes why we even have desk phones in this day and age.

At some point I came across this video on how making your bed every day can help you change the world.

Small Tasks Can Be The Start of Something Big

Making your bed is basically the momentum builder that hopefully leads to many more accomplishments throughout the day.

Listening to Your Own Voice is Uncomfortable

The more you do something that is uncomfortable, the more comfortable it becomes. This is also how we grow as humans.

It Makes a Positive Impact

This goes back to the comment that if you handle the small things then people will have confidence in you to handle bigger responsibilities.

Why I Still Change My Voicemail

On the surface changing my voicemail doesn’t add much value to me or my organization. However, when you start to peel back the layers there are some underlying benefits.

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