What Do Fitness and Personal Finance have in common?

The reality is that financial fitness (and just fitness) are some of the most important areas of our lives. It’s no coincidence that there are striking similarities between fitness and finance once you start digging in.

Financial Fitness is Behavioral

Fitness programs has always been a big part of my life. When I refer to fitness in this article, we’ll be talking about both sides of the equation — physical activity and nutrition.

Personal Finance is Personal – So Is Fitness

Financial fitness and fitness programs are behavioral. And they’re personal. Everyone’s situation is different. Hopefully this blog post resonates with some people, but it’s impossible for it to be relatable to everyone.

Similarities Between Fitness and Finance

Below are five similarities between fitness and finance that I’ve observed over the years.

Simplicity is King

When we’re changing habits, complexity is the enemy of progress. Here’s what simplicity looks like in each of these areas. - Nutrition: Eat real food and not too much. - Fitness: Get moving doing something you enjoy. - Finance: Spend less than you make and invest the difference in something you understand.


Track Everything

If you’re needing to make big changes with your fitness or finances, trust the process and make a personal commitment to track your food intake, dollars spent, and workouts completed. You’ll be shocked at the results.


Behavioral Change is Difficult

“There’s been a lot of work done to help people change their behavior, but we really don’t have many successful interventions to help people maintain those changes over time,” says Jennifer Sumner, PhD, assistant professor of behavioral medicine.


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