14 Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

There is an overabundance of websites and apps that promises extra money or passive income, but which ones are legitimate? Don’t waste your time on shady and too good to be true opportunities!

There are genuine ways to make money from home. We’ve compiled a list of genuine side hustles that you can do on your schedule and, of course, will supplement your full-time income.

The process is pretty straightforward as well. You just have to download the app, have an internet connection, complete the tasks, and you can start earning!

Play Video Games


Have a Garage Sale on Online Marketplaces

Whatever you’re trying to sell, the selling technique is the same take a photo of your used item, perform market research on its used value, and post it on online marketplaces.


There is a thriving online market for gift cards. People like buying unwanted gift cards because they can get more bang for their buck.

Sell Unwanted and Unused Gift Cards on eBay


Blogs have two primary sources of revenue: affiliate marketing and advertising, and both can offer passive income.

Start a Blog


Be a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) or remote administrative contractors keep records, manage social media accounts, take phone calls, and more.


If you have old and used textbooks lying around your house collecting dust, there is a huge market for used textbooks.

Sell Your Old Textbooks


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