The Best Stocks to Buy to Fight Inflation

As investors, we are concerned about inflation because it causes higher input costs for companies. In turn, greater expenses put downward pressure on margins making companies less profitable.

So what’s an investor to do? It’s probably not possible to entirely inflation-proof your stock portfolio. However, you can fight inflation with a more diversified portfolio.

Its leading brands are Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Schweppes, Dasani, Powerade, BodyArmor, Gold Peak, Fanta, Fresca, and Minute Maid. The company also owns many regional brands. 



Besides good performance during a period of high inflation, Coca-Cola is a long-time dividend stock. It has paid one since 1920 and has increased it for more than 60 consecutive years.

The company is now positioning itself as a hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) player. The new IBM is primarily focusing on software and consulting.

International Business Machines


Each time you swipe your credit card, deposit a check at the bank, or make an airline reservation, it is probably an IBM mainframe and software processing the transaction.

Chevron is involved in oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation. The company refines oil into gas, chemicals, and other products and sells them.



It is one of the best stocks for investors to pick to fight inflation because gas prices typically surge during high inflation, like in 2022.