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Stress Less, Earn More: 9 Simple Jobs with Good Pay

Millions of Americans wake up every day dreading their job. Many of these jobs are high-stress, low pay, and lack work-life balance.

The following jobs pay well, are quite low-stress, and are often enjoyable. Also included on this list are work-at-home job ideas so that you can structure your day on your terms.

Tutoring is a fun way to earn some money working from home. This job is incredibly fulfilling if you enjoy teaching others.


Online Tutor

Online Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing involves promoting other companies products or services for a commission. Affiliate marketers recommend products through blogs, social media platforms, or email.



Blogging allows you to be your own boss and work in the comfort of your home. To make money blogging, you must produce helpful content that people want to read.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a great way to make extra income. Some people even do it full-time. Mystery shopping allows you to work independently with little supervision, which is a perk.



If taking pictures is a hobby you already have, why not get paid for it? Also, turning your passion into a job will make it feel less like work.


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