19+ Stimulating Car Games for Kids to Stay Busy On a Road Trip

These games will keep the kids entertained so you can focus on getting to your destination safely and quickly without having to stop on your car trip every hour and let the kids get their wiggles out.

Some of these fun games are perfect for one child, and some will require someone else to play with, whether it’s another sibling or a parent.

An original, but still great! It doesn’t require any prep work and little to no adult interaction (if you have more than one child).

I Spy


Would You Rather

Would you rather questions are fun for any age, but it’s entertaining to hear kids answer them. Their answers will surprise you and probably give you a good laugh.


20 Questions is another oldie, but a good one nevertheless! To play, choose whose turn it is, and have them think of a person, place, or thing.

20 Questions


Trivia is a fun way for your kids to learn new things. Print out a list of trivia questions ahead of time that revolves around the children’s interests.



The kids can use their page and check off things as they see them. The first child to cross off all of their items on the list wins.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt


Have two people stare at each other for as long as possible. The first person to look away or blink loses.


Staring Contest

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