Steps You Can Take to Get Promoted Fast at Work

The great thing about getting a promotion in your own company is that you retain benefits with longer tenure. For example, vacation time often increases the longer you work with the same company.

There may also be some perks that kick in once you are vested in retirement accounts (company matching, pension, etc.).

Getting results for your organization is critical if you’re looking to get promoted. You often have to be going above and beyond in your current role.

Achieve Results and Build Relationships


If you are working for an organization that treats you well and pays you fairly, it’s in your best interest to seek opportunities to take on more responsibility.

Take on Additional Responsibility


Exposure in the workplace is crucial if you want to move up in your company. I know this one is tough for us introverts.

Be Seen  (Even Virtually)


Going to happy hour after a long day of work doesn’t always sound that appealing. Neither does meeting with co-workers for lunch instead of hunkering down at our desks.

Being transparent with your supervisor about your intentions to pursue a promotion is essential.

Make Your Intentions Clear (But Don’t Be Pushy)


When your leadership knows your interests, they should help you find opportunities to develop in those areas.

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