Steps to Save Money on Groceries in 2023

At first thought, that might seem like an extremely high amount, but I’d be willing to bet if you went back and checked your finances, you’d see a similar amount of spending – or maybe even more!

If you cook at home, you can eat very healthy meals for under $3/plate but going out to eat you can easily spend $10+ before adding in a nice tip!

Having a grocery list is probably the most important of these methods. If you stick to your list, then you’re going to have zero unanticipated expenses.

Have a Grocery List and Stick to It


Shop the Perimeter of the Store

In other words, you’re going to be buying fresh meat, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh dairy.


Name brands honestly are such a scam. You’re paying for a brand, and that’s it. You can’t tell the difference in quality, and if you say you can, you’re lying.

Avoid the Name Brands


It’s imperative to know how to calculate unit costs with items. Many stores will have the unit cost on the price tag, but not all will, or maybe the units vary slightly.

Understand Unit Pricing


If you can meal prep and embrace the leftovers, you’re going to be able to not worry about having to throw out extra food.


Meal Prep

Farmers’ markets are notorious for having cheap items when they’re in season, and they’re the definition of exceptional freshness.

Check out the Farmers Markets


Only let yourself go to a store once. The more you go, the less it means to have a grocery list because you can go back the next day.

Limit Your Trips to the Store


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