Similarities Between Fitness and Personal Finance

Saving money, working out when you don’t want to, and eating healthy even if it isn’t the best tasting makes a massive difference down the line.

Financial Fitness is Behavioral

So when referring to fitness, we’ll be talking about both sides of the equation, including physical activity and nutrition.

Personal Finance is Personal – So Is Fitness

What I’ve learned through personal finance is that if you want to change your behavior, you have to change your habits.

Simplicity is King

Keep it simple with fitness and financial knowledge, and you’ll get 80 percent of the way there. It will also be your best bet at making changes to your daily habits.

Track Everything

Trust the process and make a personal commitment to track your food intake, dollars spent, and workouts completed.

Small Wins Equal Big Results

The habits we form when we’re young, such as eating well and working out regularly, make a massive difference over the years.

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