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Selling Your Home in 2023? Here Are 10 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Stage Your Home

Staging a home the right way can be an easy way to make it appeal to a wider pool of buyers and can also increase your chances of getting an offer quickly after you list. 

To help you get started, Fund That Flip compiled a list of 10 ways to stage a home for sale that don’t break the bank, using research from movers, real estate agents, and home improvement experts.

Use neutral colors for the walls, ceilings, and any other spaces. As you prep your home to go on the market, pick up some neutral paint to cover any accent walls or unusual paint colors.


Use neutral colors

Highlight storage space


Showcase the closets and drawers by placing folded clothing neatly in baskets or bins, using shoe racks to display shoes, and organizing linen closets, too. 

Bake cookies


Baking cookies shortly before a showing and placing them out on the counter with a note for visitors to help themselves can set your home apart from the others on the market.

Avoid showing too much personal taste


Staging a home with items that cater to a specific personal taste isn’t going to appeal to all buyers, and in some cases, a funky retro furniture collection can be a big turnoff.

Use mirrors to make small rooms look larger


Small spaces in a home don’t have to feel small you just need a few mirrors to create the illusion that they’re larger than they appear.

Use air mattresses to stage a bed


If you want to turn an empty room into a staged bedroom, purchase an inexpensive air mattress and prop it up on some boxes instead.

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