Wholesale Real Estate: How To Make Money in 2022

Real estate investing can come in many different strategies. The industry itself is massive and has many other asset classes, hold times, and business models that you can implement.

Wholesaling is a nickname used to describe a type of real estate investing or transaction where the investor buys and sells an interest in the property without holding it.

- Wholesaling is a short-term strategy that an investor can realize benefits from quickly. - It does not require a large pool of capital to get started in wholesaling.

Benefits to Wholesaling

Negatives of Wholesaling

- By selling the properties without holding them, wholesalers short-circuit one of the best ways to build wealth in real estate.

You need a big picture skillset than just negotiating contracts with sellers. You need to see the end-use and work backward from there.

Skills Required for Wholesaling

When marketing directly to sellers as a wholesaler, you have many different options on how to get in contact with a seller.

Marketing Directly to Sellers

Here are some of the most popular advertising channels used by wholesalers: - Direct mail - Cold calling - Door to door marketing - Social media advertising - SEO

Once you contact a seller, it is up to you to build rapport with them, find out their problems, and see if you can help them solve them.

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