Planning a Honeymoon in the New Year? See These 31 Tips to Save Money

The idea of going on an extravagant honeymoon may feel like a well-deserved reward for getting through this stressful period.

But before you pull out a credit card and begin booking first-class flights and a 5-star hotel in Tahiti, take a deep breath and close your eyes to imagine your life upon return.

A great way to save on your honeymoon is to add a Honeymoon Registry to your list of gift options for your guests.

Start a Honeyfund

Sites like Honeyfund allow guests to contribute cash funds for you to use on your post-wedding trip. They can chip in on anything from hotels to flights, and even contribute towards specific activities or excursions!

Having a functional household budget and a healthy emergency fund will feel softer than the pillows at any resort.

Avoid Going into Debt to Pay for Your Honeymoon

Taking some extra time to prepare a travel budget will ensure you can focus on enjoying your honeymoon instead of feeling overwhelmed about how much it will cost.

Prepare a Honeymoon Travel Budget

Pack a carry-on with your essentials just in case your luggage is lost.

Pack a Smart Carry-On Bag

One way is to collect points and miles by putting all of your wedding expenses on new travel rewards credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Capital One Venture X card.

Use Points and Miles

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