Similarities Between Physical Fitness and Personal Finance

On the surface, there are a lot of differences between your fitness program and financial wellness. One involves income, spending, saving, and investing.

The other involves physical activity, nutrition, and overall health. The reality is that financial fitness (and just fitness) are some of the most critical areas of our lives.

So when referring to fitness, we’ll be talking about both sides of the equation, including physical activity and nutrition.

Financial Fitness is Behavioral

Keep it simple with fitness and financial knowledge, and you’ll get 80 percent of the way there. It will also be your best bet at making changes to your daily habits.

Simplicity is King

If you need to make significant changes with your fitness or finances, trust the process and make a personal commitment to track your food intake, dollars spent, and workouts completed.

Track Everything

Research shows that making behavior changes is difficult. This is especially true with the food we eat, the money we spend, and how we work out.

Behavioral Change is Difficult

When you skip the candy bar or push through to make it to the gym when you don’t want to, you’re investing in yourself. These small decisions add up to big wins down the road.

Small Wins Equal Big Result

The small daily decisions and habits formed over the years compound, and you can often visually see those that take good care of their bodies and those who don’t.

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