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Passive Real Estate Investing – How To Get Started

Passive real estate investing is a strategy that allows owners to hand over property management while still making money.

You can provide the capital while others manage the investment property on your behalf. This story will guide you through some passive real estate investment options to help you get started.

REITs can own several commercial property types, such as office and apartment buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, warehouses, hotels, and commercial forests.


Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits)

Real Estate Crowdfunding


Real estate crowdfunding consists of pooling resources using financial technology with other investors. Roofstock One is a popular crowdfunding option for single-family investing.

Real Estate Funds


Similar to REITs, real estate funds are securities that allow investors to add real estate to their portfolios without acquiring the properties.

Partner With Other Investors

It may involve an agreement where the passive investor pays the partners for managing the real estate, but they would still have part ownership of the property.


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