Letter to New College Graduates About Money

To become successful, you’ll need to take calculated risks, learn from failures, build effective relationships, and thrive in a world where the exact path isn’t laid out for you.

For individuals in this situation, you have one massive advantage on your side. TIME. Below is my advice.

Letter to New College Graduates About Money

If you are already used to being broke, don’t increase your lifestyle to match your new paycheck. Try to live like a college student for as long as you can.

Minimize Lifestyle Inflation

Automating your finances can be a substitute for a budget if done right. This approach will require more self-discipline, so you’ll have to know yourself before going this route.

Automate Your Finances

You need to get started as early as possible. The benefit of investing $100 is exponentially greater at 22 years old compared to 32.

Start Investing in Retirement Accounts

The important point is even if you aren’t paying debt immediately, do your best to set the foundation so you can increase the gap between income and payments as your income increases.

Pay Off Your Debt

Make a promise to yourself to keep lifestyle inflation low if your income increases in the future. Automate your finances, so you don’t ever see the money to savings or monthly payments.

Money Advice for Recent College Graduate

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