Ways to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

 Instagram is uniquely positioned as a vehicle for income generation. It is hugely popular, highly visual, and offers many practical ways to make money with a slew of attractive features.

Indeed, many Instagram users are earning serious sums of money on the platform as we speak, with some successful influencers charging over $1,000 for a single sponsored story.

Instagram’s enormous audience reach isn’t its only strength, though. The medium itself also contributes to its potential.

An Overview of Instagram’s Audience

Can You Make Money on Instagram?

People can and do make money on Instagram! We aren’t talking about trifling sums either.

We’ve looked at why Instagram’s such an excellent social network for earning money and addressed how much you can expect to make.

How to Make Money on Instagram: 4 Effective Ways

Most common, and most lucrative strategy for anyone wondering how to make money on Instagram. That is when brands pay you to promote their products and services in your feed.

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Affiliate Promotions

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a brand’s products or services to your audience and receive a commission every time someone buys something through your referral.


Do you already sell products via an online store? If you aren’t already using it, Instagram Shopping could be a perfect new sales channel with which to experiment.

Instagram Shopping


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