Here Are 15 of the Best Ways: How to Make Money as a Teen

There are plenty of reasons for a teen to have a job. Earning money can be an empowering experience that gets you ready for adulthood.

You learn time and money management skills from the relative safety of still living at home. You can use what you earn to save for later expenses like college.

Did you know that you can get paid to write and publish content with a blog? Self-publishing content can be both satisfying and financially rewarding.

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Wash Cars

There is a good chance people would prefer to pay you to have you clean their vehicle without having to take it in somewhere.


Lifeguarding is typically a seasonal job, and the seasons that employers are looking for lifeguards are the same as when most teens are available from summer break.

Lifeguard at a Pool


If you like movies and the culture of movie theaters, working at one could be a great way to earn money as a teen.

Work at a Movie Theater


Work at Chik Fil A

Chik Fil A offers some great benefits to its employees. One advantage is they offer scholarships. That can dramatically cut down on out-of-pocket expenses when going to college.


Like Chik Fil A, Chipotle offers very competitive benefits to its employees. For example, they offer tuition assistance up to $5,250 per year and have a debt-free degree program.

Work at Chipotle


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