A Journey Back to Church After a 15 Year Hiatus

I believe we all have a spiritual side to us. There is a need for us to connect with a higher power or other enlightenment.

How Has Going Back to Church Changed Me?

Going to church has made me a better husband, father, colleague, and friend. But, let’s face it, we are all messed up.

Helps Us To Forgive

Finding a good church helps us forgive ourselves, accept our imperfections, and love others better. I can honestly say that church has made me a better person.

Teaches Personal Finance

Money is one of the most talked-about topics in the Bible. So many of the beliefs we carry in the personal finance community about debt and investing are covered often in the Bible

Allows Us To Let Go

More than anything, what the church has allowed me to do is let go and put control into the hands of a higher power. t God has me on the right path has changed my life in ways that are tough to explain.

Criticisms of the Church

I feel that being away from the church for so long allows me to understand better the issues that some people have with Christians. We all know the type.

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