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How To Sell on Amazon: An Easy 5 Step Guide

Amazon’s third-party selling partners are nearly 2 million small- and medium-sized businesses. At the end of 2021, 56% of Amazon’s sales came from these businesses.

It is relatively easy to sell on Amazon once you have a viable product, as the company guides sellers through the five steps we discuss. Their selling guide provides videos and content.

You can use Google Trends to see what products are popular. Niche products in categories like fashion, arts & crafts, and housewares tend to be in demand.


Research Your Product’s Viability

Create Your Account on Amazon


-Use your Amazon customer account or Business email address -Internationally chargeable credit card -Government ID -Tax information -Phone number

Add Products


You can sell many products, categories, and brands, but review their list of restricted products. Some types may require a professional plan.

Attracting Customers And Sales

Once your products are ready and listed in Amazon’s stores, Amazon provides three suggestions for attracting customers, which may result in higher costs, impacting margins.


Get Customer Reviews

Customer product reviews benefit customers and sellers. You will need to review Amazon’s policies and what may result in violations when trying to attract legitimate customer reviews.


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