Financial Pilgrimage

8 Ways to Prepare and Protect Your Money

Inflation can signal that an economy is growing and demand for goods and services is rising. However, hyperinflation is not just about high growth in the cost of goods. 

If hyperinflation does hit, you want to be ready. Here are eight ways you can prepare for the worst. 

No matter your financial situation, there are always ways you can make yourself and your family more economically secure. Review your budget to ensure you know how much money you’ll need every month. 


Shore Up Your Finances

Pay Off Any Debt, Especially Those With Adjustable Rates


Interest rates will soar during hyperinflation, along with the rates on any variable loans or credit cards. So remove them right away.

Establish a Strong Emergency Fund


While it may seem challenging to find extra money when your budget is already stretched, start by setting aside whatever amount you can every month. 

Put Money in Stores of Value, Not In Your Mattress

Diversifying where you save and invest your money is tried and true advice because it helps prepare for many scenarios.


Fuel Your Investments

After you’ve paid off high-interest debts, create an emergency fund, and smartly saved, keep investing with the amount of money you were directing to those efforts. 


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