How Much Does Aldi Pay Employees in 2022? 

Aldi has a reputation for offering high-quality food at low prices and is known for ruthless efficiency and private-label brands. However, based on their thrifty reputation, you might think that they try to skimp out on employee salaries.

Aldi demands a lot from their staff, and by paying their employees better than their competitors, they can get more done with less staff. So how much do they pay their staff? Let’s take a look.

How Much Does Aldi Pay Per Hour?

Cashiers at Aldi generally make a higher wage compared to cashiers at most other grocery stores. An Aldi cashier’s hourly rate can range from $15 to $18 an hour, plus opportunities for health insurance, vacation time, and 401(k) retirement plans.


Shift managers are responsible for assisting store managers to ensure the success of all aspects of the store. A shift manager’s starting pay rate can range from $20 to $24 in average hourly pay, including the same benefits as a cashier.

Shift Managers

Starting pay for store manager trainee positions typically starts at around $25 an hour plus benefits.

Store Manager Trainees

New store managers will typically make an annual salary of $70,000 and $90,000, including potential bonuses. That translates to average hourly wages of $35 per hour.

Store Managers

District managers start at $90,000 per year and make more than $115,000 by year five. District Manager positions also include benefits, a signing bonus, and a company car. Therefore, District Managers will make close to $50 an hour after a few years.

District Managers

Aldi typically look for individuals with experience at other big-box retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes. Hiring managers usually look for evidence that you are willing to work hard all day long.

How to Get Hired?

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