31 Honeymoon Budget Tips

Put all of the information together to create a travel budget that will act as a roadmap to guide you through the process of planning and saving for your honeymoon.

Taking some extra time to prepare a travel budget will ensure you can focus on enjoying your honeymoon instead of feeling overwhelmed about how much it will cost.

Most plan to save money on travel, food, and lodging during honeymoon arrangements but often fail to protect their plan with good travel insurance. 

Get Travel Insurance


Input your departure destination, a time frame, and your max price, and the Explore map will show you what it will cost to fly into major airports around the world.

Use Google Flights


Consider staying closer to home to help with flight costs. We have beautiful beaches and fun cities to explore right here in the US! 

Honeymoon Closer to Home


It means everything will likely be cheaper. Hotel rooms, rental cars, and even airfare can all be less expensive when it’s not a location’s busy season.  

Honeymoon in the Off-Season


You can use your rewards card to pay for your wedding and reap the sweet rewards when booking your honeymoon travel.

Use Credit Card Rewards


A honeymoon might call to mind images of romantic candlelight dinners with your new spouse. If you’re looking for luxury for less, try lunch instead. 

Trade the Candlelight Dinners for Lunch