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Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in 2022

It’s hard to think that anyone would refuse one of the highest-paid jobs or isn’t working on getting a hold of one.

We are listing all the most lucrative jobs globally, so you can change or mold your career according to what you think is the best for you.

A prosthodontist makes approximately $196,960 per year for all this work, making it one of the highest-paying occupations.





Dealing with everything related to your teeth, gums, and everything in between is the job description of a dentist. They take home around $174,110 per year on average for their services.

Airline Pilots


Being an airline pilot is one of the best jobs that pay well. They make absolute bank while traveling worldwide and seeing all sorts of destinations while getting paid.

Petroleum Engineer


Dealing with natural oil and gasses is a definite way to make good salaries. The median salary is $154,780 per year for this job.

IT Manager


When a computer network security breach or crash occurs, it could cost the company millions of dollars. That’s why IT skills are among the high-income skills that are good to have.

Big Data Engineer


Big data engineers are very well paid. Making $140,000 per year on average is a good deal seeing how jobs related to the IT field are very high in demand.

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