How To Buy SpaceX Stock

SpaceX stock is not a company that investors can buy through standard channels. You will not find it on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq.

Most investors in SpaceX are institutional or high-net-worth investors. If a retail investor cannot directly buy SpaceX stock on an exchange, then the question remains of how to buy SpaceX stock.

Although SpaceX is raising money, most small investors cannot buy shares. However, institutional and high-net-worth individuals can.

How to Buy SpaceX Stock

The bottom line is you need to have an income of $200,000+, or 300,000+ with your spouse, in the last two years.

Venture Capital Funds


The firm has two trusts that own SpaceX stock. The first trust is the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, and the second is the US Growth Trust.

Baillie Gifford Trusts


Google’s balance sheet had $110,229 million in marketable securities at the end of 2021. Its investment in SpaceX is only a tiny percentage of its valuation.



The platforms also connect VC firms seeking to sell shares before the IPO. Two online marketplaces are EquityZen and Forge Global.

Secondary Markets


The secondary market for pre-IPO shares is not like a stock exchange. An investor needs to know how to price shares of private companies, and this is not an easy task even for professionals.