53 Ways You Can Embrace Frugal Living Today

For some of us, frugality comes naturally. But for others, frugal living conjures up images of a miserly, meager existence. No wonder so many tune out when the topic of frugality comes up!

In no particular order, here are my 53 favorite frugal living tips to help you save money and spend less. (And maybe even reach FIRE (financial independence, retire early!)

Raise your deductibles as high as you can afford. Your coverage will remain the same, but your policy premiums won’t—they’ll be much cheaper!

Raise your deductibles


Fine-tune your coverage

For example, jewelry and fine collectibles on your home insurance; rental car coverage on your car insurance. Remove unnecessary coverage and enjoy the savings!


Most insurance companies offer senior, group, corporate, alumni, or profession-specific discounts. These discounts are sometimes not publicly shared.

Ask about discounts


When purchasing insurance or applying for a mortgage, you’ll often do better by working with a broker. Brokers can access quotes from multiple companies.

Use an insurance broker


So many banks now offer fee-free accounts. There’s no longer any reason to use accounts with fees or minimum balance requirements.


Ditch bank accounts with fees

Keep[ in mind that fee-free bank or investment accounts may still have hidden charges. You could incur them if you’re not aware.

Understand your account fee


Call your bank or brokerage to plead your case if you slip up and are charged an account or transaction fee. Often, they’ll offer a one-time fee waiver.

Request a fee waiver


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