19+ Stimulating Car Games for Kids

A long car ride may not be the most exciting activity, but they’re especially challenging for kids to sit through.

Kids need stimulation and entertainment to keep them from going wild. This list of car games for kids is the perfect tool to keep their minds busy while they wait.

This game is also called storytime. Have one person start with “once upon a time” and have them add one or two sentences to the story.

Once Upon A Time


Concentration is a trendy game for young grade school children. It’s typically played with the hands, but that is unnecessary on a car ride.

The Concentration Game


Before leaving for the trip, or when you first get in the car, make a list of words or phrases that are off-limits.

Don’t Say It


Kids love jokes! You can print out a list of jokes ahead of time, or you can have kids make them up as they go. It can be fun for everyone to hear what the kids come up with.

Joke Telling


Doing mad libs is a seriously entertaining activity for the family! If you’ve never done mad libs before, you need to try it. The whole family will be laughing.

Mad Libs


If your kids or family members are into cars, try to spot at least one of every car make. Make or print off a list of all of the most popular car brands and bring it with you.

Spot the Car Make


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