Can’t Miss Business Travel Tips For 2022

Business travel in the last few years has taken a back seat. With the increase in virtual meetings and online conferences, the need for traveling for business was pretty much eliminated.

The setup in the future is likely to be some hybrid of online and in-person meetings and events. Business travel has changed, and we must adapt to the new norms.

If you’re an entrepreneur who has to foot the bill, charge all expenses to a business credit card to maximize benefits and easily keep track of costs.

Business Travel Tips To Save Time & Money

If you have that travel credit card, put it to good use! Find out if you can use points for your stay, get extra nights for free, or score complimentary perks.

Finding A Place To Stay

If you don’t have membership or status at hotel chains or are traveling somewhere where budget-friendly venues are limited, consider non-hotel options.

If business travel for you is rare, then a cash-back card might be best. An airline card may give you the most perks and bang for your buck if you travel often.

Finding The Best Flights

Doing this can save you both time and money as you’ll be able to knock out several business meetings in one trip!

Plan Your Trips in Clusters

That means you invite those who are most needed in person and set up a live virtual event so that others can join in from home.

If You’re The Host Of A Business Meeting

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