60 Best Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement brings out mixed emotions for many who see it as a chance to begin the next phase of their life.

For some, it may be an easier transition than for others. When thinking about retirement gifts for women, honoring their past while focusing on the upcoming stage is key.

Between working long hours and full retirement, there is likely a transition to that place of relaxation.

Pampering Goes A Long Way

- A gift certificate for a spa resort such as Canyon Ranch - Mani-Pedi appointments - Appointments at a favorite hair salon - Makeup Artist

Consider these gifts to indulge your friend or co-worker:

Does your friend have a travel bug? Many retirees look forward to traveling without deadlines to return to the office.

Travel Plans

- Travel Journal - Camera or binoculars - Travel Wrap - The personalized travel case set

Consider these as fun things to give someone planning to travel:

Some people want to learn something new like picking up a language, photography, creative writing, musical instrument, or learning about opera.

Pursue An Interest or Pick Up New Skill

- Scrapbooking supplies - Gardening tools, flowers, and plants. - Try virtual classes in many categories such as MasterClass.

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