Aldi Careers: What Job Roles are Available in Aldi Stores?

Aldi is famously known for running an efficient operation in their stores. While large grocery chains may have dozens of employees working at any time, Aldi runs its stores with a much leaner staff.

Even though Aldi has a reputation for being a discount grocery store with low prices, they still manage to pay their employees well.

Those positions include cashiers, shift managers, manager trainees, and store managers. We’ll also discuss district manager positions.

What Job Roles are Available at Aldi?

Cashier Positions

A cashier spends most of their time checking out customers as quickly as possible while still providing exceptional customer service.

In general, shift managers are responsible for assisting store managers to ensure the success of all aspects of the store.

Shift Manager Positions

They hire store manager trainees, who will spend time training alongside a strong store manager to learn all aspects of the position.

Store Manager Trainee Positions

Their responsibilities include performance goals, inventory management, scheduling, and personnel management.

Store Manager Positions

They have responsibility for ensuring stores are performing effectively, reviewing pricing and merchandising, implementing the company’s strategy, and providing other support to their store managers.

District Manager Position

They typically look for individuals with experience at other big-box retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes.

How Do You Get Hired at Aldi?

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