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23 Digital Nomad Jobs for the Lifestyle You Deserve in 2023

The digital nomad lifestyle has gone mainstream. Now there are nomad jobs in every industry that can be done anywhere in the world.

The idea is simple enough: leave the office behind and find a location-independent job to make money online, but what are the options? We explore 23 digital nomad jobs. 

All you need is a laptop, and you could be traveling the world, earning money as a freelancing digital nomad.


Freelance Writer



There are live transcription jobs like a courtroom transcriber, but much more common are online transcription jobs.

Virtual Assistant


If you’re well organized, good with time management, and proficient with email and word processing, a virtual assistant job could give you the freedom to travel the world.

Photo Editor


The editing process can be long and time-consuming, so many photographers outsource this job to professional photo editors.

Data Entry


Data entry may not be the most glamorous of jobs. Still, the low bar to entry and digital nature of data means it can be done anywhere.

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