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Many have said that it takes time to find your voice once you start blogging. I can certainly relate after my first nine months. Writing about our journey to pay down debt and pursue financial independence has been an incredible experience. It has kept us motivated to get to the finish line of our debt pay down journey.

I’ve also enjoyed writing about a variety of other topics. One of my favorites subjects has been writing about my family. A few examples of my favorite blog posts to write include:

I want to show others that financial independence can be possible with a family. There are already other bloggers who have demonstrated this point, but we each have a unique story to share. Another topic that is a big part of our journey is faith. This is a topic that I have not written about but may start to on occasion.

Writing About Faith

Before starting my blog I had no idea there was such a strong community in the personal finance space. My views on consumerism, frugality, lifestyle inflation, and other related topics have made me feel like a bit of an outsider in my social circle. Now I’ve found my people.

So how did I end up stumbling on the name Financial Pilgrimage? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Blogging about the journey to financial independence was the original purpose of the blog (and still is). After searching potential names for weeks, it seemed like any domains connected to the word journey were already taken. I then went to the thesaurus and entered the word “journey”. One of the words that came up was “pilgrimage” and it got me thinking.

Writing about anything related to faith can be a touchy subject. However, one of the reasons why “pilgrimage” appealed to me was because my wife and I have been on sort of a pilgrimage to get more in tune with our spiritual side.

Why I Still Don’t like Religion

Here’s my story in a nutshell when it comes to religion. Growing up I went to private school. Nine years of Catholic grade school and then four years at a Christian high school. By seventh grade I was told by my religion teacher that I was going to hell for my sins. Silly things like missing church on Sunday meant that hell was in my forecast. She was really an awful person and teacher.

After leaving grade school I had sworn off religion all together. I still believed in God. However, for the next nearly 20 years I rarely stepped foot into a church.

Another reason why I avoided the church was because Christians annoyed me.

There, I said it.

If I’m being completely honest, many Christians still annoy me. There are too many people who think they are better than others because they spend an hour in church every week. I also know a few Christians who hide behind their religion and are bigots, hypocrites, and overly judgmental.

This is unfortunate because I also know many Christians who are incredible people. They are not only people of faith, but are great family men and women, are generous and kind, and are respectful to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. They may not agree with the beliefs of others, but they have a mutual respect. The bottom line is that humans are not responsible for judging other humans. That is God’s job.

Religion to me is still a bunch of made up rules that I have difficulty connecting with. What I’ve come to find is that you can have faith and a relationship with a higher power without being “religious”. Having faith and a relationship with God makes me a better person. That doesn’t mean it makes me a better person than you or anyone else, it just seems to make me a better person.

A New Beginning

About three years ago my family started attending a non-denominational church. This ignited a passion in me that had been dormant for years. I started to become excited about going to church on Sundays for the first time in my life.

When you read about Jesus in the bible, you learn about a person who loved all people. Again, he didn’t always agree with everyone but he showed a love for those alike and different, friends and enemies. I want to be more like that. Others who are good people likely have some type of spiritual or moral compass that they live by, and that is cool too.  Whatever works for you and makes you a better person.

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Overall the purpose of this blog will not change much. The focus will remain on our family’s pursuit of financial independence and other personal finance related musings. However, given that faith continues to be a big part of my family’s life it would be not be genuine to ignore it.

I want people of all walks of life to continue to follow this blog. Getting to know people of all different backgrounds is fascinating to me.

I hope this is a blog where individuals from all walks of life can challenge me to think differently, and hopefully I can return the favor. I’m by no means an expert on theology or biblical studies, so I’m not really interested in debating those topics. However, there is a connection between family, finances, and faith in our lives and there will be some connections made on this blog.

As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments.

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