Side Hustle Tips: Finding Great Deals at Garage Sales

Finding Great Deals at Garage Sales

It has been a while since I was in college. I’m in that weird age range where I’m sometimes considered an old millennial and other times a young member of generation X. I grew up in the dial-up generation where America Online (AOL) was king. My eBay account was created pre-2000 and I played online poker on sites such as Full Tilt and Party Poker. I was the in last graduating college class year before Facebook became mainstream around 2005 and my MySpace profile was all kinds of awesome (not really).

I played baseball in college, which was like a full time job. We had 6:30 am weight lifting sessions three times per week, a full day of classes, baseball practices or games, and then homework. It was a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but finding a normal college job was challenging. My parents helped pay my rent, but I was on my own for spending money. To my parent’s credit, they would have helped me more financially but I wanted to take care of myself as much as possible.

Therefore, I had to come up with a creative way to make extra spending money. The term side hustle wasn’t a common phrase back then, but that’s what I was looking to do instead of a typical job.

My College Side Hustles

One way I made a extra money was by playing online poker. I wasn’t the best poker player, though was decent enough to where I made a single $30 deposit and was able to pull out a few hundred dollars every couple months without ever having to make another deposit. My winnings were consistent in low dollar tournaments. Playing at higher stakes never ended up being profitable. Thankfully, I ended up making my final withdrawal the week before Full Tilt poker accounts were frozen. I narrowly missed having several hundred dollars inaccessible for months or years. Continue reading “Side Hustle Tips: Finding Great Deals at Garage Sales”